Is Your Workplace Fully Compliant?

Ensuring your business is compliant with the latest legislation, regulations, and industry standards can be challenging for any business. 

We undertake an audit that is scalable to your business to identify which legislation and standards apply to you and help you achieve compliance.


Our positive approach to audits ensures we are seeking compliance and conformity.


By testing your business processes, we help businesses to understand where there are opportunities to improve.

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What is a safety audit?

Our Safety audits will review how your business ensures the safety of your workers and the commitment of your management. By testing parts of your business processes, we help you to promote the positive and make improvements where needed.


Each audit evaluates the levels of risk, identifies potential hazards, and evaluates the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes you have in place to ensure the safety of your staff.


At the end of an audit, you receive a full report with an action plan, followed by a 1:1 consultation with our consultants to review the report and discuss where possible improvements could be made.





with you to Achieve International 


By selecting Embarks leading audit service, we ensure your business processes and management systems are fit for purpose and able to not only meet legal compliance but also be recognised by external audits, such as ISO 45001.


We frequently combine our services to assist the business to write, update, and develop a safety management system and then support and represent your business through external audits.


We will help you to achieve international recognition and accreditation to ISO 45001 and many more.

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