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Embark Consulting has developed a range of services that help to discharge your duties and enhance the Health and Safety in your projects.

By working in partnership with your team and supporting your

principal designers in their day‑to‑day role; providing expertise and knowledge.

Our solution offers independent and unbiased health and safety advice, that can be tailored to suit your needs.

Enabling flexibility through a range of solutions, and enables you to upgrade the service at any point throughout your project.

Whether you are an operator, developer, principal designer,

architect, client, or contractor, we have a CDM advisory service to suit; ranging from the standard solution to help you fulfil your CDM duties, to additional options, should you need them.

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What are the CDM Regulations?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) are the main set of regulations for managing the health, safety and welfare of construction projects in the United Kingdom. In April 2015 the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 replaced the 2007 regulations, bringing about a substantial change in the defined duty holders and their responsibilities to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their construction projects.


CDM applies to all building and construction work and includes new build, demolition, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair and maintenance




Key changes in

CDM Regulations 2015

The replacement of the CDM regulations in 2015 saw the removal of the CDM Coordinators role and the introduction of the Principal Designer. Creating three main roles for managing the health and safety of construction projects, with the client having overall responsibility for the successful execution of the projects, and the Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) leading during the different phases of the project.

·       All projects must have workers with the right skills, knowledge, training, and experience (competency). Contractors providing the appropriate supervision, instruction and information, and a written construction phase plan

·       Projects with more than one contractor involved must have a principal designer and a principal contractor appointed and a health and safety file

·       If the planned work is scheduled to be longer than 30 working days, have more than 20 workers, working simultaneously at any point, or exceed 500 person-days. Then the client is responsible to notify the Health and Safety Executive using the F10 notification.

Specialist CDM Solutions

Dedicated CDM Advisor

You will be allocated a dedicated CDM advisor who will be your single point of contact throughout the project. They will work closely with you to help ensure that you are doing everything to fulfil your duties as required by the CDM 2015 Regulations.


Site Health & Safety Surveys

Your CDM advisor will undertake an initial visit to the proposed construction site to ascertain existing health and safety issues and to identify where further information will be required before the start of construction.

Pre - Construction Information

Following a survey of the site, a report will be prepared for inclusion in the pre‑construction information, detailing potential health and safety issues identified using existing surveys and reports.

F10 Management

We will ensure that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is notified as appropriate and that this notification is managed for the lifetime of your project.

Construction Phase Plan Review

We will liaise with the principal contractor to ensure a suitable Construction Phase Plan is produced to enable work to begin on-site.

Health & Safety File

All Health and Safety documentation will be collated into the Health and Safety File, which will be managed by us and available to your team via an online portal. The file will be prepared ready for the construction and operational phases of the project.

Technical Reviewer

As your CDM Advisor, it is our concern that we ensure you have all the support you need, we will undertake a full review of all H&S, design documents, and drawings and provide you with advice and comments

CDM Workshops

Delivered Via Zoom

10th Feb

9.00 - 13.00

Professional CDM 2015 Advice 

We Go Even Further 

Design Team Meetings

Your CDM advisor will attend design meetings and offer CDM and health and safety expertise. They can assist designers in identifying health and safety risks and provide advice and guidance on the ‘principles of prevention’, a hierarchy of risk elimination and reduction.

Construction Phase Plan

The Construction Phase Plan is prepared in consultation with the

principal contractor to ensure that it is appropriate for the project, and is reviewed at health and safety site visits.

Site Inspections and Monitoring Visits

Your CDM advisor will undertake regular site inspections to review any existing and potential health and safety risks, whilst ongoing site health checks will reassure the client that the principal designer is managing health and safety on site appropriately.

Competency Checks

We will help to ensure that any contractors or designers that you

engage in for your project have sufficient skills, knowledge, and experience to work safely. We will ask for references and examples of previous work to demonstrate capability.

​Documentation Review

Your CDM advisor will review health and safety information relating to your site to help ensure that documents are suitable and sufficient for the project. If these are not in place, they will guide the changes required.

Risk Workshops

To aid the design process and ensure that your project is “safe by design” we facilitate workshops with designers, client, and all stake-holders to review designs from safety and engineering

standpoint, brainstorming ‘what if’ scenarios and engraining the outputs into the design and construction phases.



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Why we make the difference 


Our services are tailored to suit your organisation, to provide the support that really protects your business.


By working in partnership with you, we work toward a common goal of positive changes in your workplace whilst delivering legal compliance.


Our collaborative approach ensures you have industry-leading advice at your fingertips.


Understanding your business needs and goals are key to our effective partnership.


We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and expertise, established around a team of experienced consultants from various industry backgrounds. Giving you access to consultants who understand your industry and sectors.


Industries evolve, and practices change. To keep pace, all consultants undertake regular Continous Professional Development, ensuring that our knowledge is always up-to-date and relevant.


We help to alleviate the Health and Safety burden. Through the delivery of practical and cost-effective solutions, we enable you to focus on running your business.

By delivering an efficient service, we are here to support you when you need us most, with a flexible and adaptive provision.


Our service enables you to meet your legal responsibilities while continuing to run your business effectively.

Your Health & Safety Team 

when you need us most  

Life as we know it has changed and change is now more important than ever for business. 

With our support and guidance, Embark can help you navigate through red tape demands and ensure your business and workforce are kept safe and well.

Many of our clients consider us part of their team and by working closely in partnership with you, we understand your business risks and the need to make a change in greater detail. Helping you to prioritise and focus your efforts on those areas that require support the most. 

As part of your team, you can flexibly access our expertise when you need it most.  Supporting you both onsite and virtually with clear and concise advice and guidance to suit your business.

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