Fire Risk Assessment

Embarks trusted fire consultants, conduct comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments to ensure legal compliance on an extensive range of commercial buildings, and ensure compliance with current Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 legislation and fire safety in the workplace.


As an employer (and/or building owner or occupier), you are legally required to carry out and maintain a fire safety risk assessment. 

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Annual Maintenance

& In-depth Inspection Program 

Embark's comprehensive fire safety assessments are carried out either as a separate exercise or as part of a single risk assessment covering other health and safety risks.

Based on the assessment findings, duty holders must ensure that adequate and appropriate fire safety measures are met to minimize the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of a fire.


Therefore, as part of the Fire Risk Assessment, we provide a management fire policy supported by an in-depth maintenance and inspection program essential for all businesses with commercial properties. 




Understanding Risk

Regular Fire Risk Assessments are good business sense as well as a legal requirement.


All too often, businesses are devastated by fire. Therefore, successful fire prevention starts with accurately understanding all the potentially life-threatening risks. 

Embark’s Fire safety systems are designed to help safeguard people and property and to mitigate risk and prevent loss of life or assets in the event of a fire breaking out.

Numerous organisations are still not aware of their legal obligations – which is why they collaborate with a specialist such as Embark Consulting to support them in obtaining and fully guaranteeing fire safety compliance.




Specialist Fire Consultants

Embark’s talented pool of IFSM qualified fire safety consultants can provide you with a broad range of Fire specialist services that:


Achieve and maintain compliance with all fire safety regulations

Optimize safety within your buildings.

Reduce the risk of prosecution


Fire risk factors and people at risk

Fire detection and warning system

Means of escape

Provision of fire-fighting equipment

Planning for an emergency and training

Maintenance and testing of fire safety equipment

Online training

 Annual inspection and risk assessment maintenance

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Fire Advice

when you need it most  

Life as we know it has changed and change is now more important than ever for business. 


With our support and guidance, Embark can help you navigate through red tape demands and ensure your business and workforce are kept safe and well.


Many of our clients consider us part of their team and by working closely in partnership with you, we understand your business risks and the need to make a change in greater detail.

Helping you to prioritise and focus your efforts on those areas that require support the most.


As part of our team, you can flexibly access our expertise when you need it most.


Supporting you both onsite and virtually with clear and concise advice and guidance to suit your business.

Why we make the difference 


Our services are tailored to suit your organisation, to provide the support that really protects your business.


By working in partnership with you, we work toward a common goal of positive changes in your workplace whilst delivering legal compliance.


Our collaborative approach ensures you have industry-leading advice at your fingertips.


Understanding your business needs and goals are key to our effective partnership.


We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and expertise, established around a team of experienced consultants from various industry backgrounds. Giving you access to consultants who understand your industry and sectors.


Industries evolve, and practices change. To keep pace, all consultants undertake regular Continous Professional Development, ensuring that our knowledge is always up-to-date and relevant.


We help to alleviate the Health and Safety burden. Through the delivery of practical and cost-effective solutions, we enable you to focus on running your business.

By delivering an efficient service, we are here to support you when you need us most, with a flexible and adaptive provision.


Our service enables you to meet your legal responsibilities while continuing to run your business effectively.





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