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Why Functional Safety

Management (FSM)?

Functional safety refers to the electrical, electronic or programmable electronic system (PES) safety related functions in connection with a process plant, equipment or machinery safety, as part of companies or manufacturer’s overall risk reduction process.




Embark Consulting provides services to enable the design of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) to international standards such as IEC61508, IEC61511 and IEC62061. These recognised international standards are used by many engineering companies to reduce risks associated with a hazardous events, reducing potential injury to people and negative impacts to the environment.

The standards give the Functional Safety Lifecycle to be applied, starting from the design stage and through into Operations and Maintenance (O&M), using HAZOP, SIL analysis and Safety reliability calculations to reduce the levels of risk.

Fundamental to IEC 61511 and the prevention of systematic failures is the Functional Safety Lifecycle. The objective of the Functional Safety Lifecycle is to de ne the various phases from concept to decommissioning of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS).


When the Safety Lifecycle is applied, each phase can be documented to demonstrate all phases on the Functional Safety Lifecycle has been clearly defined and the appropriate requirements realised.




Our Functional Safety Management Consultants, are able to setup Functional Safety Management Systems and undertake third party Functional Safety Audits on existing procedures and techniques for compliance to the recognised safety standards, including IEC 61508, IEC 61511 and IEC 62061.



• A robust Functional Safety Assessment or Functional Safety Management Plan (FSMP), allowing for con dence in the reduction of systematic failures

• Guidance on the required level of functional safety to be achieved and maintained, ensuring the personnel are not exposed to unnecessary risk

• Functional Safety Assessments based on the appropriate clauses of IEC 61511, IEC 61508 and IEC 62061

• Functional Safety Management as per IEC61511

• Functional Safety Gap Analyses, highlighting any gaps that need to be lled in and lling these gaps by

adapting the current Functional Safety Management procedures in place

• Safety Requirement Speci cation (SRS)

• Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment

• Safety Integrity Level (SIL) veri cation (SIF veri cation) • Cause and E ect Matrix development

• HAZOP workshop facilitation

• Prevention and mitigation layers for hazardous events • Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

• Functional Safety Training delivery

Development of new Functional Safety Management procedures if required, such as a FSMP, Safety Requirement Speci cation (SRS), Proof Test Procedures as well as training of personnel in areas such as SIL Determination, SIL Veri cation and an introduction to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511.


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