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Construction Phase Plan


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Questions we are often asked

What is a Construction Phase Plan?

A Construction Phase Plan is a key document that defines the health and risks which are relevant to the construction phase of a project and the arrangements or control measures that will be put in place to eliminate, mitigate and control those risks.

What does this service cover?

We will create a bespoke construction phase plan for your project that includes the following:


  • A description of the project such as key dates and details of key members of the project team


  • Arrangements for the management of the work include:

a)     The health and safety aims for the project

b)     The site rules

c)     The arrangements to ensure cooperation between project team members and coordination of their work, eg regular site meetings

d)     The arrangements for involving workers

e)     Site induction arrangements

f)      Welfare facilities

g)     Fire and emergency procedures


Arrangements for controlling significant

risks such as:

a)      Safety risks

I.       Falls from height

ii.      Lifting operations

iii.     Existing services

iv.     Traffic management

b)    Health risks

i.      Asbestos

ii.     Lead

iii.    Silicosis

iv.    Contaminated land

Why does my project need a Construction Phase Plan? 

The Construction Phase Plan is legally required on all construction projects under the CDM 2015 regulations.


This should be prepared by the Principal Contractor or by the Contractor where there is only one contractor on site.

When will my project need a Construction Phase Plan?

The CDM 2015 regulations require the Construction Phase Plan to be drawn up before the construction site is set up.  


Once drawn up, the document is communicated to all parties involved in the construction phase in order to communicate the significant risks, site rules, and health and safety.


Throughout the project, the construction phase plan must be appropriately reviewed, updated, and revised from time to time so that it continues to be sufficient to ensure that construction work is carried out, so far as is reasonably practicable, without risks to health or safety.

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