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The revision of the CDM Regulations in 2015 created a new duty holder, the PRINCIPAL DESIGNER, with the remit to be responsible for the effective coordination of health and safety during the design / pre-construction phase to ensure that the principles of prevention are actively promoted into the designs.


With a focus on the identification and elimination of hazards, followed by the reduction and control of residual risk arising from the design process.

The Principal Designer is not the lead designer, but a person or business responsible for ensuring the duty-holders (Client & Principal Contractor) are aware and understand their legal duty, that all parties effective communicate and ensures cooperation between all parties including designers / architects.

The Principal Designer must identify and eliminate or control foreseeable risks to the health and safety of any person:-

  • Carrying out or liable to be affected by construction work

  • Maintaining or cleaning a structure.

  • Using a structure designed as a workplace.

Ensuring that all designers comply with their duties, that all persons working in relation to the Pre-Construction Phase co-operate with the Client, Principal Designer and each other.

As the Principal Designer we will provide a management plan for the project detailing how Health and Safety aspects of the design will be monitored during the Pre-Construction Phase.

Initiate and facilitate design risk workshops at agreed project work stages, as required. The number and frequency of workshops will vary dependent on the size and complexity of a project.

A co-ordinated design risk register will be produced showing identified risks. This will be an auditable document updated at agreed intervals allowing the Principal Designer to demonstrate their risk analysis process.

Design risk workshops will address all design disciplines, ensuring they are identifying and eliminating the risks arising from their design.

Compiling the Pre-Construction Information on behalf of the Client. This will include the appraisal of existing survey information such as asbestos surveys, and will provide a comprehensive, cohesive document which can then be issued to the design team and tendering contractors at the relevant time.



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