As a leading provider of Principal Designer Services, Embark Consulting undertakes the responsibility as a duty-holder to support the project from initial design through to completion. Our specialist CDM team, has a wide range of project experience, including residential, commercial, domestic, infrastructure, and offshore energy. But no matter the size and scale of the project, we apply the same strategy and level of rigor to each one, ensuring all stakeholders are informed, competent, and working together in a collaborative way to ensure a safe and successful project is delivered.


The early appointment of your Principal Designer is key to your project's success. It ensures that we can help you during initial feasibility and planning designs to adopt the principles of prevention and safer by design, saving time and money over the project duration by minimising changes and notifying all duty and stakeholders of their scope responsibilities.


If your project design is already underway and perhaps into technical strategy, then that's not a problem either. We can step in at any stage and ensure that the project is safe by design and review any made in earlier stages that may need further review.


Our simple step-by-step approach allows the client to easily monitor and maintain the project delivery with frequent design team meetings and CDM workshops to identify, eliminate, and manage hazards in construction and future use and maintenance.

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Principal Designer Duties

The revision of the CDM Regulations in 2015 created a new duty holder, the Principal Designer, with the remit to be responsible for the effective coordination of health and safety during the design / pre-construction phase.

The role of the Principal Designer is to ensure that the principles of prevention apply during this phase. With a focus on identifying and eliminating hazards, the reduction and control of residual risk (future use) arise from the design process.

The Principal Designer is not the lead designer; they are appointed by the client in the early design phase to ensure the duty-holders (Client & Principal Contractor) understand their legal duty and effectively communicate and cooperate between all parties designers/architects.


If a principal designer is not appointed on a commercial project, the duties come under the client's responsibilities and on domestic projects under the architect's duties.





Scalable to your project

Our Principal Designer Service is scalable to suit the requirements of your project. Our starting point is to ensure you meet legal compliance and adopt best practices, but the complexity of your project dictates the level of detail required. 


We support various projects, from small residential developments to large scale commercial builds and technical engineering projects such as power generation, offshore wind farms, and nuclear. 


No matter the size of your project, whether it's domestic or commercial/large or small, we can support you.


The first important step is to appoint a Principal Designer as early as possible, typically in very early design or RIBA Stage 0 for residential projects.

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