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Ongoing support, far beyond an annual audit

How often do you see or hear from your current Health and Safety service provider? Once maybe twice a year? Or if you are new to outsourcing Health and Safety Why choose Embark?

At Embark, we go beyond an annual audit.


From the beginning of our partnership with you, we assess your business using audit and assessment techniques that identify and isolate risks and develop a prioritised plan of action to suit your business.


We provide you with a report and then walk you through our findings step-by-step and develop a strategy to help you improve and sustain your Health and Safety performance. Embark Health and Safety retained services will provide your business with seamless 360-degree health and safety support.  

Ask an

Dedicated Retained Support On call 24/7 

As a retained customer, you will have 24-hour access to professional support and guidance from a dedicated Health and Safety Consultant. 


We ensure that you receive the best advice as quickly and efficiently as possible, allowing you to get back to running your business safe in the knowledge that Embark is here to support your business. 


Rather than speaking to a call centre, all calls are directed by our experienced call handlers to your dedicated and nominated Health and Safety Consultant. Our experts will use their sector-specific experience to get to know and understand your business and fully understand how vital the importance of quick and accurate advice needs to be. 

Compliance with the law

By partnering with Embark as a retained client, you not only receive industry-leading support, but you are also ensuring compliance with the law. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states; Every employer shall appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures he needs to take to comply with the requirements and prohibitions imposed upon him. 


By selecting one of our pricing plans as a retained customer, you will immediately receive a certificate of competency; this demonstrates that your business will gain immediate cover by an Embark appointed competent person and meets the requirements of the MHSAW Regulations Clause 7

We Believe, One size doesn’t fit all

No business is the same, and the same applies to Health and Safety. 

Our Health and Safety Retained Services will evolve with your business to be flexible and malleable so that you can design a service that suits your business. 

Whether you employ 2 or 20,000 people, with 1 or 100 locations, we have a solution that will fit your business. And with a diverse range of services and consultant experience, we can support every sector and industry.

24/7 Dedicated Consultant Support

You will be allocated a dedicated Health & Safety Consultant

360 Degree Seamless Support

We provide you with more than just a report and promise to visit you more than just once a year

Assured Legal Compliance 

Keeping you on track with The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999

Save Time

& Money

Support with Prioritising Health & Safety risk and actions

Versatile & Flexible Cover

We Evolve with your business to suit your budget

Health & Safety Advice on Demand

Advice & Support as little or as often as you need us

Helping you Prioritise,

we put your business first

Are you tired of receiving another audit report that doesn’t put your business first? 


At Embark, we deliver a customised audit report that sets out all the points clearly and concisely, prioritising those items that present the highest risk to your staff, your business, and your compliance. 


Embark reports include a series of recommendations, with a time plan of how and when any measures should be in place. We arrange a meeting or online call between you and your consultant to walk you through your report. You can quickly and easily understand actions that require completion now and those actions that are perhaps less urgent. 


Because we are a multi-disciplined consultancy, we can offer your business a range of services beyond our retained services.



Health Check

Choose the plan

that's right for you

From a few hours a month, to a fully outsourced Health and Safety team solution, that can be dispatched to any location.


EMBARK will put your mind at rest that your business has access to the latest expert advice. 

Your Retained Health and Safety Services partner when you need us



  • Annual health and safety compliance audit and report with prioritised action plan​

  • Creation of a bespoke health and safety policy

  • Certificate proving access to competent advice (MHSWR 1999 reg 7)
  • Access to industry leading health and safety advice

  • Free Embark Portal document suite 

Terms & Conditions Apply

Price per month





  • Annual health and safety compliance audit and report with prioritised action plan

  • 2 additional visits to aid in the completion of the action plan

  • Creation of a bespoke health and safety policy

  • Certificate proving access to competent advice (MHSWR 1999 reg 7)

  • Access to industry leading health and safety advice

  • Free Embark Portal document suite 

  • Provision of H&S employee handbooks

  • 24/7 Accident Reporting Line

Terms & Conditions Apply

Price per Month





  • Annual health, safety and environmental compliance audit and report with prioritised action plan

  • Compilation of a legal register

  • Annual fire risk assessment

  • Quarterly visits to be used as required

  • Creation of a bespoke health and safety policy

  • Review of Safety Management System with action plan

  • Provision of H&S employee handbooks

  • Certificate proving access to competent advice (MHSWR 1999 reg 7)

  • Access to industry leading health and safety advice

  • Use of a 24/7 Accident/incident reporting line

  • Free Embark Portal document suite 

  • Service tailored to your business

Terms & Conditions Apply

Price per month



We'd love to hear from you



Whether you have a question about our plan features,

pricing, or anything else.

Our team is ready to answer your questions.

Why we make the difference 


Our services are tailored to suit your organisation, to provide the support that really protects your business.


By working in partnership with you, we work toward a common goal of positive changes in your workplace whilst delivering legal compliance.


Our collaborative approach ensures you have industry-leading advice at your fingertips.


Understanding your business needs and goals are key to our effective partnership.


We pride ourselves on our industry knowledge and expertise, established around a team of experienced consultants from various industry backgrounds. Giving you access to consultants who understand your industry and sectors.


Industries evolve, and practices change. To keep pace, all consultants undertake regular Continous Professional Development, ensuring that our knowledge is always up-to-date and relevant.


We help to alleviate the Health and Safety burden. Through the delivery of practical and cost-effective solutions, we enable you to focus on running your business.

By delivering an efficient service, we are here to support you when you need us most, with a flexible and adaptive provision.


Our service enables you to meet your legal responsibilities while continuing to run your business effectively.

Your Health & Safety Team 

when you need us most  

Life as we know it has changed and change is now more important than ever for business. 

With our support and guidance, Embark can help you navigate through red tape demands and ensure your business and workforce are kept safe and well.

Many of our clients consider us part of their team and by working closely in partnership with you, we understand your business risks and the need to make a change in greater detail. Helping you to prioritise and focus your efforts on those areas that require support the most. 

As part of your team, you can flexibly access our expertise when you need it most.  Supporting you both onsite and virtually with clear and concise advice and guidance to suit your business.

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