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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Social Distance

Is your business
Working Safely 
during the Pandemic?

COVID-19 is another risk to your employees and must be considered within your legal duty to protect your workers from harm.


The COVID-19 risk assessment is a positive step for all employers as it will help you manage risk and protect you and your staff.


Management of Health and safety at work regulations 1999, specifically requires employers to identify their hazards and control the risk to workers. 


Our experts offer a specific risk assessment for

COVID-19 or it can form as part of or your overall risk assessment.

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Helping you work Safer during the pandemic

As we continue to adapt our workplaces during the pandemic, there are a number of issues you will need to consider as part of implementing your COVID-19 measures. 


Embark's COVID-19 Risk assessment Consultants, can offer  experienced guidance and support that can be tailored to suit your workspace.


How we help your business adapt
to COVID-19 

Monitoring Social distancing

COVID-19 Workplace Hygiene

Adapting Contact with clients 

General public impact

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Protecting your

venerable employees 

with existing health 

conditions & pregnant workers


Questions we are often asked

Why does my business need a COVID-19 Risk Assessment? 

As face-to-face meetings, interviews, travel to client sites, and other office-based activities resume, it is advisable to include all associate risks in a specific COVID-19 Risk Assessment. This will assist you in ensuring that your employees and key stakeholders are safe, so that your business can continue to be profitable and efficient.

Who is a COVID-19 Risk Assessment for?

All businesses regardless of the size or number of employees can benefit from having a COVID-19 Risk Assessment in place.

What does this service cover?

A COVID-19 Risk Assessment will support your business and employees in identifying any hazards in your workplace that could cause your stakeholders to catch the virus.


Moreover, it can provide you with suitable control measures to reduce the likelihood and severity of the identified hazards.

How will my business benefit from a COVID-19 Risk Assessment? 

A COVID-19 Risk Assessment will not only provide you, as an employer, with the peace of mind of having done all that is reasonably practicable to reduce the risk of catching and spreading the virus, but it will also reassure your employees, contractors and clients that your workplace is safe, and that the control measures implemented area adequate.

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