Staying COVID-19 Secure

COVID-19 makes no difference regardless of sector or the type of business you are in.


COVID-19 is another risk to your employees and must be considered within your legal duty to protect your workers from harm.


The COVID-19 risk assessment is a positive step for all employers as it will help you manage risk and protect you and your staff.


Management of Health and safety at work regulations 1999, specifically requires employers to identify their hazards and control the risk to workers. 


By not supporting your legal duty to ensure COVID-19 has been considered properly, any coronavirus infection is reportable under RIDDOR to the HSE.


We can provide a specific risk assessment for COVID-19 or it can form as part of or your overall risk assessment.

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Before your staff return to work

There are a number of issues you’ll need to consider and assess before your staff return to work. 


  • Social distancing

  • Workplace hygiene

  • Contact with clients/customers

  • General Public impact

  • Protecting the vulnerable; people with existing health problems, pregnant workers,

What is the purpose of a 

risk assessment for


The purpose of a risk assessment is to ensure that all potential risks facing your workforce are addressed and controlled.

Every workplace is different, which means what might work for your neighbour, may not work for you and your business.

These types of assessments are particularly crucial if your workers come into contact with the general public or vulnerable individuals.



Health Check

Do I need a COVID-19
risk assessment?

It’s not just common sense to conduct this type of assessment; it is a legal requirement.


All businesses must produce a risk assessment, and companies with over 50 employees should publish the results on their website.



The UK government has provided the HSE with extra funding to ensure employers are following their guidance.

So, don’t assume you can manage without one.

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