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Embark Consulting is an independent multidisciplinary consultancy with a drive for providing health and safety support to all businesses — in all sectors from startups to blue-chip companies. 


Supporting businesses to work safer was the journey we began in 2014 as we genuinely believe in the transformative power our health and safety solutions bring to any business of any size.


Our ability to simplify communications, alleviate experiences, engage and inspire compliance and generate a positive safety culture within an organisation is at the core of what we do.


Our safety support structure has evolved from good relationships gained from many successful collaborations, which has been the secret of our success since we first Embarked on our journey.


With Embark, you have the opportunity to make your business safer, compliant, happier, healthier, and more efficient. 

Allowing you time to run your business. 


We're excited to start a safety dialogue with you, to learn about your business, and help you to achieve a safer workplace together.

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