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COVID-19 Working Safely

Office Social Distancing

Is your business inspection ready?

The Health and Safety Executive are continuing to carry out spot checks and inspections at all types of businesses to ensure they are working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)

During these inspections they will review the measures your organisation and assess their adequacy against government guidance.

How we can Help your business work Safely during the pandemic

We can provide comprehensive guidance and support to assist your organisation in navigating through the current health pandemic's challenges and ensure that you are inspection ready.

We have developed a wide range of services which will enable your organisation to work safely during COVID-19 which includes anything from advice and guidance through to COVID-19 Risk Assessments and return to work presentations.

We have successfully supported our partners through an extremely challenging year of additional health and safety obstacles. Through assisting and implementing the latest COVID-19 guidance, our wealth of experience has provided our partners with peace of mind that they are working safely during COVID-19.

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Questions we are often asked

Who needs COVID-19 –Working Safely Advice?

All business owners, regardless of the size or number of employees, can benefit from a proactive approach in safely managing work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

What does this service cover?

We can author bespoke documentation and provide guidance which will assist you and support you in implementing a proactive and long-term approach in providing a COVID-19 safe working environment

This service may include (but is not limited to):

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessments

  • Personalised Return to work presentations 

Guidance and advice regarding:

  • Handwashing and Hygiene

  • ​Social distancing

  • Maximum capacity areas

  • PPE

  • Testing Policies

  • Vaccine Information

  • Cleaning and Sanitising

  • Ventilation and Air-conditioning

  • COVID-19 Homeworking

  • COVID-19 DSE Assessments

  • Vulnerable Workers

Why does my business need COVID-19 Working Safely Advice?

Although COVID-19 restrictions have been eased across all industries, the virus is far from gone.


Ensuring that you have suitable and sufficient measures in place will provide a safer workplace and in turn prevent any enforcement from the HSE and minimise disruption to your company’s operations keeping your business as profitable as possible.

How will my business benefit from COVID-19 Safe Return to Working Advice? 

Your workers will be exposed to proactive and safe practices by encouraging and promoting certain types of behaviours and procedures, without the need of enforcing strict rules on workplace protocols.


This will benefit your business in allowing COVID-safe measure to become an integral part of your daily operations and, consequently, adopting a positive safety culture in the long-run.

COVID-19 Policies & Procedures

Is your COVID-19 risk assessment 

and COVID-19 Secure procedures up to date?

Handwashing and Hygiene 

We provide valuable advice to businesses with all vital aspects of COVID-19 Secure hygiene. Hand washing and hand sanitisers. Workplace cleaning, staff vehicles and bathrooms, toilets, and washbasin. 

Social distancing

Learn how we can help you to manage to mitigate the risk of the spread of COVID-19 through best practices and practical advise on how and where to maintain social distancing within your workspace.


Maximum capacity areas

Have you considered the maximum capacity that would allow you and your employees to feel safe, in areas such as kitchens, washrooms, meeting rooms? We can help you draft industry leading best practices to help you adjust to modern workspace practices.



You might want to consider supplying PPE to employees who would wish to use it, or implement PPE usage in certain areas of your workspace.


Do you have suitable measures in place?


Testing Policy

Although restrictions have eased and the vaccine rollouts continue their success, asymptomatic spreads may still occur for both vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. Do you have a policy plan for testing?


Vaccine Access 

Should you require your employees to have the vaccine? What are your obligations under Health & Safety legislation? Learn how we can help you track the vaccine rollout within your workplaces, so that suitable adjustments can be made if you feel there is the need of doing so.


Cleaning and Sanitising 

Enhanced cleaning, sanitising and the maintaining the highest standards of hygiene with all areas of your workplace is now more important than ever. We will assist you with how to plan, clean, sanitising, during your working day while involving your employees in the process, and create a positive and proactive safety culture. Through the redesigning of workplace, contact reduction, training, and suitable policies, your day-to-day activities at the office will continue to be as efficient as possible while staying as safe as possible.


Ventilation and Air-conditioning

Survey & Compliance Advice 

Learn how we can help you maintain and keep your air conditioning system Covid secure and up to date coupled with our Ventilation planning and advice.

COVID-19 Homeworking

Advice and Support for Employees

Ensure your team’s Wellbeing and learn what tools and methods you can use to provide Mental Health and Wellbeing support to homeworking environment, alongside stress management techniques, and DSE assessments.

Vulnerable Workers

Have all vulnerable workers been identified and measures in place to support them? 


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