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Health & Safety Employee Handbook

Business People Applauding

Is your Health & Safety Employee handbook

up to date?

Your business needs Health and Safety booklets to clearly communicate your expectations to employees, setting out your rules and standards.


The health and safety booklet will also clearly explain your business’s Health and Safety duties and therefore provides a firm basis for health and safety management.

Questions we are often asked

What does this service cover?

The provision of bespoke health and safety booklets for your employees

How will my business benefit from a Health & Safety Employee handbook?


  • Employees will understand their and the business’s legal obligations

  • Employees will be made aware of the expected rules and standards

  • Employees will understand the role they play in creating a healthy and safe working environment

  • Informs employees of the consequences if they breach the rules

What will a Health and Safety

Handbook contain?


  • Employee legal obligations


  • Employer legal obligations

  • Health and safety policy statement

  • Accident or incident reporting procedures

  • Emergency procedures

  • First aid arrangements.

  • Fire safety arrangements

  • Other arrangements which are bespoke to your business activities

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