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Safety Management System ISO45001

Supporting Your Journey to Improved Effective Management Systems that keep your Business and Staff Safe and Compliant

For more than 20 years we have developed, implemented and upgraded HSE & Safety Management Systems for clients including; SME’s, AIM Listed Companies, and International FTSE 100 businesses.

Developing Management Systems that are “fit for purpose” and relevant to the company’s activities, both at a corporate and project level, with the common focus on implementing a management system to industry & international best practises that will naturally gain accreditation to International Standards (ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO45001.

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Beyond International Standards

We design our management systems around your specific business requirements a top-down and bottom-up process, which encapsulates the company’s corporate message and CEO’s commitment to HSE, as well as identifying the risks to the business from all activities.

Each element of the management is designed to meet your current and future business needs, written to comply and exceed the International Standards ISO14001 and ISO45001

Each management system is simple and easy to use, in many cases available to manage and access via an iPad or similar technology, with an annual HSE plan that defines the companies HSE focus each year. For a management system to be accepted, it must communicable to all, from senior executives to trade operatives.

How can we assist your company?

The process will frequently start from an initial assessment of your company’s current systems and activities, which will define any gaps and promote the good parts whilst losing the bad. We provide a report to the senior management of the management system required, whether this is a full implementation from scratch or an upgrade, we take the same time and care to ensure the buy-in of all parties involved.


Our team of consultants and authors have in-depth experience working with systems from corporate and projects, often at a senior level, so the procedures and standards that they develop are built upon a firm base of industry experience and application within an operating business.



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Procedure and Standards

Our Management Systems incorporate a wide range of procedures and standards, which can also be developed as standalone documents and added and taken away from a management system as the companies’ activities change. 

A sample list of procedures and standards are:*

  • HSE Policy, Plan, Commitments, and Goals

  • Management of Contractors

  • Incident Investigation

  • HSE Reporting

  • Medical facilities

  • Confined Space Entry

  • Risk Assessment

  • Document Control

  • Journey Management

  • Spill Control

*This is not an exhaustive list, and many systems can have over 50 to 60 procedures in total.

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Fit for Purpose

For a Management System to be truly fit for purpose, it must be relevant to the company’s operations and projects with a cohesive link between the companies HSE strategy and the risks faced by employees and workers daily.


A management system must also consider potential external factors on the company’s operations to be truly tailored to the company.


Following a process of commitment, objectives, documentation, risk evaluation, planning, implementation, audit, and review. It will ensure that the management system is relevant when implemented and continuously updated to upgraded as and when required.

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