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Health & Safety Audit


Are you compliant with Health and Safety Regulations?


An expert Health and Safety consultant will carry out a thorough review of your workplace and business processes in order to identify any health and safety risks and areas of non-compliance. 


Following on from the audit we will provide a comprehensive report which will detail any issues which have been identified as well as any opportunities for improvement. 

A follow-up call or meeting will also be held to ensure that all the items contained within are understood.

Professional Support and Advice


Our expert team of consultants will provide all of the advice and guidance necessary to address any of the issues which are identified during the health and safety audit.

Questions we are often asked

Who needs a Health & Safety Audit?

All business owners regardless of the size or number of employees. 

What does this service cover?

Our qualified consultants assess how well your business is managing health and safety.


The audit focuses on H&S legal requirements as well as any industry-accepted best practices. Following on from the audit we shall provide a comprehensive audit report which presents the actions required to achieve compliance as well as any opportunities to improve existing processes.

A follow-up call or meeting will be held upon the issue of the report to ensure that all the items contained within are understood.

When does my business need a Health & Safety Audit? 

  • After an incident or near miss as this could be a sign that something is wrong with your company’s existing health & safety measures.

  • An audit may be required if your company has expanded or moved premises.

  • If staff or management are expressing concerns about health and safety

  • Periodically to ensure that existing health and safety arrangements remain fit for purpose

How will my business benefit from a Health & Safety Audit? 

By protecting your workers, you will reduce absences, ensuring your workplace is more efficient and productive.

Achieve compliance

Improve Your existing H&S  arrangements 

Achieve international recognition and essential accreditation

Increase productivity

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