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HAZID and HAZOP study for QEII and Langton Dry Docks

Specialist Safety Studies during the early design stages such as HAZOP & HAZID, identifies potential physical and process hazards before the dry dock is constructed or installed.




Project Date:

March 2021




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Client's Challenge

The QEII and Langton Dry Docks in Liverpool, UK are a vital part of the Port of Liverpool’s ability to maintain and service vessels operating through the port. The existing dry dock required an upgrade and rejuvenation of the technology. Ravestein B.V. won the contract to design, construction and install a new caisson onto the dry docks for both QEII and Langton. As part of the early and detailed design process, Ravestein would need to identify physical and process hazards by undertaking safety studies such as a HAZID and HAZOP.

Our Solution

Embark Consulting were contracted to facilitate a full HAZID and HAZOP safety study during the detailed design phase of the project. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, this had to be facilitated online with engineering teams based in Peterborough, Liverpool, and The Netherlands. Embarks led a full review of the physical and process hazards and operability, and secured consensus from the engineering and design teams to eliminate and reduce hazards.

Client Outcome

A full review of the design, which identified key areas and opportunities to eliminate or reduce hazards at a stage of the project when changes have a lower cost impact in the project. Embark were able to facilitate the studies in an unbiased manner, using online meetings to share designs and processes that enabled all teams to focus on the designs being reviewed.

The project demonstrates the breadth of Embark’s expertise across a wide range of industry sectors and Health and Safety techniques

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